Many people believe there are angels among us.
For some, that phrase was made popular by the American country music band Alabama in the early 1990’s, but there are also dozens of scriptural examples of angelic encounters.

The Brian Morden Foundation was created to help other children and families battling cancer after Brian and his family experienced an incredible number of earthly angels appearing to help during Brian’s fight with Ewing’s sarcoma. During his memorial service, an “Angels Among Us”  video played, which showed many of the wonderful people who touched the lives of Brian and his family.

You have the opportunity this Christmas to be an angel to one or more of our Brian Morden Foundation children. These children are either currently battling cancer or have battled cancer with the hope that it will never return.

You may choose a specific child and one or more of their wishes to grant. Gift the amount of the wish(es) and the Brian Morden Foundation will make sure that our BMF kid receives their wish along with your Christmas greeting.

OR choose to gift the amount needed for Christmas Brian Baskets, gas or gift cards and allow the BMF to use your gift as needed for our children this Christmas.

Thank YOU for being an angel! <3


Most of our children have to travel for treatment, so a care package filled with snacks for on the road and/or while they and their parents stay at the hospital would be very much appreciated.

We’ll do the shopping for our BMF kids’ favorite snacks including: Fresh Fruit, chocolate (of course), nuts, popcorn, chips, crackers, and various cookie favorites like: Chocolate Chip cookies, Oreos, and Sugar.


The Brian Morden Foundation provides monthly gas cards to those who travel for treatment and/or checkups. This monthly total ranges from $400 – $1500 depending on how many children have to travel, how often, and how far (we currently have a family traveling to Cleveland and others have traveled to Hershey, Danville, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and even to Georgia).

($25, $50, $100) – endless supply needed



Sometimes it’s hard to know how to help, but gift cards are always appreciated. This may include gift cards for restaurants, pizza, and stores (here in Altoona and online). Some of our Brian Morden Foundation Favorites include: Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Olive Garden, Target, Boscov’s, Walmart, and Michaels.

($10 or $25) – 50 needed for either amount

In stock


Owen Egan

The son of Bob & Billie Egan, Owen is currently 12 years cancer-free! He was diagnosed with brain cancer and is currently enrolled in a survivorship program to ensure he remains healthy. Owen is looking forward to this holiday season, and simply would like donors to give to the BMF Fund.

Carson James

The son of Ashley & Brandon, Carson was diagnosed with medulloblastoma  in April 2017. He has two siblings Logan and Addy, and every six months has to see his favorite medical professionals Nurse Kelly and Dr. Bukowinski in Pittsburgh. This season, Carson would appreciate gifts such as a Walmart gift card, Oreos, a Nintendo Switch (any kind), or even a donation to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital to help brighten his spirits.

Wyatt Stultz

Diagnosed with AML in April 2020, Wyatt’s mother Amy Stultz takes him approximately every eight weeks to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for treatments with Dr. Randy Windreich and Nurse Stephanie Cramer. This season, please consider brightening Wyatt’s spirits with gifts such as gift cards, cookies, chocolate, tickets to a Pittsburgh Pirates game, or even just a donation to a Children’s Hospital in his honor.

Noah Wills

The son of Lori and Larry Wills, Noah is currently in remission from being diagnosed with Pre B ALL leukemia in October 2016. He has two siblings, Luke and Nichole, and every other month they watch Noah go to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital for treatment and observation. This season, consider giving gift cards or just donating to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital in Noah’s honor.

Katelynn Baker

The daughter of Debbie and Pat Baker, Katelynn was originally diagnosed in December 2005 but is now cancer-free! She has a brother Nathan who she is very close to, and this season would appreciate any kind of donation such as hoodies for her brother (size L), gift cards, books, etc.

Jaden Gibson

The son of Alecia and Bryan, Jaden was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April 2020. Every month, Jaden’s brother Joshua watches him go to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital for observation, as Jaden takes oral chemotherapy treatments. This season, Jaden would appreciate gifts such as gas cards for trips to Pittsburgh, books, movies, tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers game…or even a surprise trip to an Escape Room!

Gage Carnicella

The son of Joseph and Nichole, Gage has four siblings – Aiden, Benji, Alesana and Oaklynn. He was diagnosed in May 2015 with Retinoblastoma, but is currently in remission. Every six months Gage must go to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for bi-yearly checkups. This year, Gage would appreciate gifts such as gift cards, Roblox figures, or even an Xbox One.

Brooklyn Balamuta

The daughter of Ashley and Steve Balamuta, Brooklyn has a 3-year old brother Stephen who has no idea that she’s been in remission from Rhabdomysarcoma after being diagnosed in September 2019. She visits Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh every month to see specialists with scans every three months. This season, she would appreciate gifts such as gift cards, snacks, books, or simply just a donation to CHOP in her honor.

Alexis B.

The daughter of Ashley & Brandon, Alexis is an only child who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. She is currently in remission, and this season would appreciate gifts such as gift cards, Tree Hut products (e.g., lotions, shea butter, etc.), or even snacks or an adult medium-sized t-shirt for a family member.

Ty Mowery

In August 2021, Brian and Janet Mowery learned that their son Ty was diagnosed with high-grade glioma, a common type of tumor originating in the brain. He is currently undergoing serious radiation treatment at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This season, please seriously consider helping to lift Ty’s spirits with gifts such as snacks, gift cards, or even Thomas the Train toys and memorabilia.

Rory Feathers

Diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2019, Rory’s parents Jason & Jennifer were relieved when he went into remission. However, Rory still has to visit Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh every six months for observation, MRIs, and labs with Dr. Halligan and Dr. Frehling. This season, Rory’s family would like you to consider donating directly to the Brian Morden Foundation or other funds to help battle childhood cancer.

Harper Sigrist

The daughter of Nicholaus and Rachele Sigrist, Harper was diagnosed in January 2019 with AML. Her parents and brother Peighton were relieved when her cancer went into remission, but Harper still has to visit Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for checkups every 2-3 months to ensure she is still in remission. This season, consider donating gift cards, anything Disney-related, etc.

Timothy Boyles

The son of Leah & Sean Boyles, Timothy has two siblings Eddie and Ava who are happy that he’s been fourteen (14) years cancer free, after being diagnosed in 2006 with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. However, Timothy still has checkups at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh every six months for pulmonology, nephrology once per year, and other appointments. This season, please consider keeping Timothy’s spirits up with donations to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh or BMF in thanks for helping him beat cancer.

Gabby Colegrove

Diagnosed in May 2015 with ALL, Gabby’s parents Chuck & Laurie as well as her siblings Mallory and Nick were relieved when she was deemed “cancer-free”! However, she still visits Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh twice a year for checkups with Dr. Randy W. This season, consider helping to keep Gabby’s spirits up by donating gift cards, stuffed animals, or just a donation to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in her honor.