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The Brian Morden Foundation is proud to help students from Brian’s alma mater – the Altoona Area High School in Altoona, PA – with Brian Morden Memorial Scholarships to help pay college tuition. Each year, Brian’s grandmother donates $1000 on his birthday to fund a scholarship. In addition, the foundation awards Brian Morden Foundation Survivor Scholarships to our “BMF kids,” who are pursuing a higher education degree. These scholarship opportunities were expanded in 2021 and may be awarded each year our “BMF kid” is in school and applies.

In February 2021, the BMF Board established another scholarship. Knowing that when a child is diagnosed with cancer it impacts the entire family including siblings, the Brian Morden Foundation Sibling Scholarship was established after the death of 11 year old Kaylee Kruise. The scholarship is in memory of Kaylee Kruise, Amanda Sharer, Kiera Chirdon, Emma Auker, Madison Shura, Eli Garrett, Heather Miller, Dylan Ludwig, Drew Palmer, Blake Krug, and Katie Mills, all Brian Morden Foundation young people who were helped by the BMF during their battle with cancer. Suffice it to say there have been too many Brian Morden Foundation kids who have passed away since the establishment of the Brian Morden Foundation after Brian’s death in 2003.

Brian Morden Memorial Scholarships are also awarded to childhood cancer survivors who are pursuing a post-secondary school degree. These scholarships are open to childhood cancer survivors nationwide. 

Addititonally, the Brian Morden Foundation established the Erin Dodson Memorial Scholarship in 2012Erin Dodson was a wonderful ambassador for the BMF and a delightful human being. Together with her parents, Bernie and Michelle Dodson, the BMF established the Erin Dodson Memorial Scholarship for Altoona Area High School (Altoona, PA) seniors. In 2021, eligibility for Erin’s scholarship was expanded to include seniors graduating from Hollidaysburg (PA) Area High School and Bishop Guilfoyle (Altoona, PA) High School.

Applications will be made available here in January of each year. Click on the links above or use the drop down menu under scholarships.


Brian Morden Foundation ScholarshipsBackground Information 

Since 2003, 74 young people have been touched by Brian’s legacy through a Brian Morden Foundation Scholarship. Fifty students have received a Brian Morden Memorial Scholarship of either $500 or $1000 towards their higher education degree. This has been made possible by many including Brian’s Grammy and Poppop who, each year on Brian’s birthday, make a donation so that one more young person can receive a scholarship.

2003 Brian Johnson
Geoffry Horvath
2004 Josh Applas
Danica Myers (cancer survivor)
2005 Sarah Connelly
2006 Megan Marcaurelle
Jon Lawlor
2007 Michael Moser
Megan Lowery
Chris Riopelle (lost his battle to cancer in 2010)
2008 Kevin Longwill
2009 Brooke McCready
Rocco Catrone (cancer survivor)
Evan West (cancer survivor)
2010 Amanda Freeman (cancer survivor)
Doug Longwill
Elizabeth Hughes
2011 Griffin Lynch (cancer survivor)
Paul Cassarly
2012 Anna Bistline
Natalie Seale (cancer survivor)
2013 Emily Brumbaugh
Colin Lingafelt
Kenna Brooke Holtzclaw (cancer survivor)
2014 Matt Eiman
Dean Maddox
Hannah Kautz (cancer survivor)
2015 Andrea Wallack
India Dunning (cancer survivor)
Gary Yost, III (cancer survivor)
2016 Madison Frank
Shuwen Hou
Kallai Hokanson (cancer survivor)
2017 Kyle Siskron
CJ Mason (cancer survivor)
2018 Andrea Scott
Abigail Frank
Isabella Ramirez (cancer survivor)
2019 Ian Brannan
Morgan Fleck
Aidan Hendrickson (cancer survivor)
2020 Raquel Dunio
Makayla Ruggery
Talon Crowther (cancer survivor)

Seth Brunnhuber
Sophie Auker (in memory of Emma Auker)
Colten Allison, cancer survivor (in memory of Heather Miller) 
Giancarlo Cusimano, cancer survivor – national scholarship
Alexandra Hagan, cancer survivor – national scholarship
Michael Scott, cancer survivor – national scholarship
Mary Thies, cancer survivor – national scholarship
Bryce Williams, cancer survivor – national scholarship

In 2012, the Brian Morden Foundation decided to honor another cancer patient who lost her life in 2011. Erin Dodson was a wonderful ambassador for the BMF and a delightful human being. Together with her parents, Bernie and Michelle Dodson, the BMF established the Erin Dodson Memorial Scholarship for Altoona Area High School seniors. The first Erin Dodson Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Lauren Hippo in May 2012. Winners since 2012:

2013 – Joe Settemio & Shania Feathers shared the scholarship
2014 – Alexis Palfey
20 15 – Chad Allender
2016 – Andrea Parrish & Emily Little shared the scholarship
2017 – Mykenah Massar
2018 – Lindsey Hallinan
2019 –  Isabella Zavalanski
2020 – Margaret Fox
2021 – Isabella Frank

A special Brian Morden Foundation Survivor Award was also given in 2013 to one of our own local cancer survivors … Erin Weaver. In 2014, Diana DeBernardis, another local cancer survivor was given this same award. The BMF was happy to award Tyler McCloskey our special survivor award in 2016. In subsequent years we’ve been able to honor more local cancer survivors … Alexis Kensinger, Abigail Fownes, and Ariel Walton (2018), Isaiah Barnes (2019), and Jonah ZolnakTimothy Boyles and Illana Cecilia graduated in 2020. Cameron Pittman received the award in 2021 and was headed to the military. Noah Wills also graduated in 2021 and will receive the award. Colten Allison is a survivor, but received the Brian Morden Memorial Scholarship in memory of Heather Miller.


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All applications should include 1 letter of recommendation/support (excluding family members) that would attest to your character. Please refer to each individual application for requirements. The applications and supporting information should be postmarked by March 7, 2022.

Complete applications should be submitted by March 7, 2022

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