Brian's best buddies organize hours of fun and raise money for the Brian Morden Foundation.

Brian Johnson, Jamin Morden, and Geo Horvath
at the Halo/Games Night on August 8th and 9th, 2003

From 7pm on Friday August 8th till noon on Saturday August 9th, the Brian Morden Foundation held what is hoped to be an annual fundraising event. Fun, games, and more games were available on four Xbox consoles set up to play the best selling game Halo, along with three computers with Unreal Tournament and Starcraft. For the adults, card games and puzzles were set up in a separate area.

Among those present at the Fundraiser were some of Brian’s friends from high school such as Chris Miller, Ian Cohn, Rob Hilton, and Chris Ferguson. Coupled with the veritable army of Jamin’s friends and various parents, saying there was a good turnout would be an understatement.

As the night went on, the Fundraiser kicked into high gear with many team games of Halo being played, including the traditional Battle for the Really Big Plate of Hot Wings, as well as several games of Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag on the computers.

Finally, after 17 hours and more than $500 in merchandise sales and donations later, it was time to send everyone on their way to home or bed (they both are interchangeable) and draw an extremely successful fundraiser to a close.

Brian Morden Foundation Halo/Games Night Fundraiser
First Lutheran Church, Altoona
August 8-9, 2003

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