The Brian Morden Foundation tries to provide a bit of cheer to patients, families, and staff during various holidays. Brian Baskets hold all kinds of goodies depending on the holiday. They may include toys, books, crayons, snacks, cards, stamps, phone cards, journals, hand cream, stuffed animals, Issy bears, Valentines, Easter eggs filled with quotations, joke and riddle booklets, and more.

Brian Baskets were first delivered to:

  • Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh in memory of Brian

Due in large part to the generosity of friends of the Brian Morden Foundation we have extended our outreach to:

  • Janet Weis Children's Hospital at Geisinger in honor of Erin Dodson
  • Penn State Children's Hospital at Hershey in honor of DJ Noel
  • Other childhood cancer patients and their families

Special thanks to:

  • Becky Klingeman (shopper extraordinaire) and her daughter Macey who are always there to help
  • The McKnights who always see that we have munchies and whatever else we need while we're filling the baskets
  • George Sackandy who often delivers baskets to Pittsburgh
  • Kim and Dave Aboud who see that the Geisinger baskets get to the right people
  • Mrs. Morden's elementary students who have been helping this year (2004-2005) by making joke and riddle books, recording stories and poems, and who have used their creativity to do even more. Many students and their families joined the BMF in October for a Halloween Treat Bag Party for a Make a Difference Day project.
  • Parents of Mrs. Morden's students who have donated wonderful treats including books, candy, toys, and more
  • AAHS Interact Club and Student Council
  • Grammy and Poppop Suckling who remember Brian in so many ways including through their generous donations to Brian Baskets
  • Nick and his mother Shelly who have participated in filling baskets for every holiday so far this school year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter)
  • Dee, Maureen, Tom, Karen, Melanie, Sharon, Jerry, Sara and so many other friends of Brian and his family
  • Pastor Romig and First Lutheran Church for lending the church to us
  • The Railroader's Memorial Museum and Scott Cessna, executive director for their generous donation of Memorial Hall

Valentine Brian Baskets

Valentine's Gift
"It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness."
Motto of the Christopher Society

Gift Coupons
"Good for one joke from your doctor."
"Good for a smile."

and lots more creative ideas from Mrs. Morden's students

More than 50 Valentine's bags/boxes were given away

Valentine's Crew


Queen Maureen


Easter Chicks and Nick

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To donate Brian Basket goodies, to alert the foundation to other childhood cancer patients, to volunteer to help fill Brian Baskets, or to contact The Brian Morden Foundation for any other reason

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